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in hand

Where have I been? Most days are filled with a general scrambling-like feeling.  Besides managing the details of our project, I’m managing details on two other intense construction projects (both nearing completion, which is when it begins to feel like … Continue reading

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cavity cleaning

Well that was basically the worst task I’ve performed so far in the making of this addition.  Preparing for the insulation crew coming tomorrow by vacuuming the cavities at the exterior wall, so that they don’t trap a lot of … Continue reading

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the coveted

The quiet, thoughtful framers left recently, and are essentially finished with their work.  I feel like there should have been a more momentous “good bye!”, but alas, I waved from the front door as they drove off and mouthed again … Continue reading

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One particularly pleasant afternoon recently (this is Texas, after all), our daughter spent some time out in the addition, and she happened upon one of the framer’s rectangular pencils sharpened with a knife.  What I found later were her cryptic … Continue reading

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bean counting

As the addition continues to be built of sticks,  yes we’re those piggies,  we embark on the decision making process that is constant throughout construction.  Making selections of every product and material that will be installed in the house. We … Continue reading

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outside the box

I’ve spent so much time inside the addition, that I forgot to step back and look at the outside.  At how it relates to the old house, and to the streetscape and context.  These things are very important, especially in … Continue reading

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web of creation

Over the last several days, there has been a lot of noise in the yard, hammering and sawing.  The framing crew itself, however, is quiet.  No music, resting quietly after lunch in the shade.  I’m enjoying the sounds of progress, … Continue reading

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