in hand

Where have I been?

Most days are filled with a general scrambling-like feeling.  Besides managing the details of our project, I’m managing details on two other intense construction projects (both nearing completion, which is when it begins to feel like a marathon).  I really enjoy this stage of construction, because it’s when all the scrutiny during design, and then foundations and framing, reveals itself to have been very much worth the time and effort.  It’s never without hitches though, but a job well done is when those hitches are at minimum.

And I like seeing what I’ve been imagining all this time.

photo(2)The way the light falls down from the window in the stairwell.  It couldn’t be a more perfect way to add that western sun that I love so much, without overheating my room.  And just the way the space unfolds up the stairs.  I think it’ll be great.

photo(5)What I’m really here to say though, is that I love having a construction project in my back yard for the simple reason that I don’t have to consult books, or the internet, for detailed dimensions, or investigating how two things come together.  I can go out my back door and see for myself.  Really handy.

In fact, our contractor was showing off our house (when he could have been showing his own gorgeous house) to some other design professionals looking for examples.  That’s happened more than once, another neighbor designing his parent’s house in our neighborhood, stopping by to check things out.  Lots of times the details go unnoticed, and in the end most people respond to the overall look of a place.  In this case, we have people on the journey with us, experiencing it along the way and learning a few things too.  I like being able to share this way.

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4 Responses to in hand

  1. Another great post. Can’t wait to get to Houston to see it in person.

  2. Maryellen Minnaar says:

    You just gotta love when your career dreams turn out to be a great fulfilling choice. How great to be able to love and appreciate what you do. Happy for you Marisa!

  3. Beautiful!! I also can’t wait to see it.

  4. Jordanhaich says:

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