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found objects

While I was out in the garage this afternoon trying to make sense of the “space”, which is nothing more than a few wall studs, I noticed a small stash of found bottles.  Since there was a lot of digging … Continue reading

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leaving our mark

I was surprised at how nervous I was when the foundation crew poured the concrete.  The commitment to the whole process seemed overwhelming.  What if it’s not right?  First, they drilled out the holes, scarring the earth in our back … Continue reading

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valued experience

When our oldest son was born in 2000, we were living in one room that we’d cleaned by coating every surface with fresh paint.  We slowly worked on every other space in the house as well as adding some square … Continue reading

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There are many reasons why people begin blogs.  One of them seems to be “finding your own voice”.  I have to admit that after 12 years of baby-raising, and 9 years of firm-running I haven’t maybe spent as much time … Continue reading

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